Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Time is Drawing Near

I am realizing that I am terrible at this blog thing. I am not near as good at it as my dear friend Andrea :o) Andrea...I need to give a shout out to you, because it seems that you are incredibly organized and are awesome at writing your blogs, I love reading them. It is my dream to be as good as you!! ;o)

Anyway, we have had a lot of things happen since the last time I wrote. The picture up top is of my grandma and Madelyn during my family's yearly Christmas tradition, making tons of fattening, but yummy, cookies.

Madelyn loves to put sprinkles on all of the cookies, sometimes a few too many. My grandma is so sweet though, she would calmly say, "okay sweetie, I think that is enough sprinkles for that cookie," then she would take the pan over to the sink and sneakingly dust some of the sprinkles off, so not to hurt Madelyn's feelings (You can see in the picture above with my grandma, just how many sprinkles are on the cookie sheet :o)). Madelyn was also pretty sneaky when it came to 'eating' the sprinkles. (I am laughing as I write this, because I am just thinking of how many Madelyn germies are on the cookies that we have already eaten.) She would lick her fingers and dip them

in the sprinkles and eat them (it is no wonder she didn't want to take a nap, because she was on a sugar high). My soon to be favorite sister-in-law joined us in our venture for her first time. We kept her busy, because my sister and I were scheming up some cookies for her Bachelorette party later that night. I had told her how to dip the peanut butter balls in the chocolate, and all she needed to do was carry the HOT crockpot of chocolate over to the table. Okay, so I told her that it was HOT and not to carry it without pot holders. She gets a couple of pot holders and heads slowly over to the table with the mini crockpot. I guess I should have told her that the inside comes out, so don't just hold the handles, because the next sound I heard was a crash on the floor, an the poor thing was so worried about chocolate spilling all over the floor that she grabbed the pot without pot holders, OUCH! No chocolate was spilled, but Kyla had her first casualty while making cookies with us. Thanks for saving the chocolate Kyla! She ended up getting a blister on her finger, and unlucky for her we went bowling later that night, and it popped. What a great start to her night of freedom celebration, sorry Kyla.
Oh...about the cookies that my sister and I made, we had a lot of fun making 'male anatomy' cookies for Kyla, decorated in green with one eye and the others in pink with chocolate curlies at the bottom, it was a lot of fun!
You might be wondering what the 'guys' did while we were making cookies, well...if you know my family we are all golfers, so we sent them, including my mini man to Austad's virtual golf. My husband is an amazing golfer, and he came home and said that he basically wasted them all :o) I am sure that it is true, and Elijah is going to be a great golfer as well. He hit his little plastic club and plastic ball at the screen (my little left hander) and it registered him hitting the ball 30 yards. He also has a new Titleist hat that he has to wear everywhere! We headed out to church today, and he had to find his hat (we are going to have to start hiding it on Sundays). We fought tooth and nail to get that away from him, we finally convinced him that daddy wasn't wearing a hat, so he didn't need to either. He wears it to bed and has to wear it on top of his stocking hat when we go outside. (I will get some pics of this, so you can see what I mean especially for the extent of the obsession, but it is really cute).
As for me, I am just finishing up one of my Master's classes, and I got my 10 page paper written and mailed to my prof. I have been so busy doing, I don't know what, so I am sorry that my blogs are so long. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas season. We will be heading out to Washington state soon after Christmas for my brother's wedding. Wish us luck, I am standing up as well as my two kids (flower girl and ring bearer - Elijah calls himself the 'rainbow', boy, I hope he isn't crushed when he doesn't get to wear a rainbow costume :o) I am also making their wedding cake and helping with make-up for the girls. Ryan's grandma isn't doing well, and she hasn't been for a while, so we are hoping that she doesn't go to meet the Lord until we come back(how selfish does that sound, but I really don't think I could fly with 2 kids and do all this stuff without my wonderful husband). Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don't blog until then, you know why I am busy :o)
Time for bed, Goodnight

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andrea said...

thanks for the shout out. :) but I have you totally decieved. I am very far from organized...I just happen to have good photo organization software. :) *oh, and I appreciated the photos on this post! :)