Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am so glad that tomorrow is Sunday, hopefully I will get a nap in. We started trick or treating last night at 6:30, and we were finished around 9:00, seems like a long time, but we rode around to different people that we knew, and were invited to come in to a party, but declined, because Madelyn was owly. Amazingly I didn't get any pictures of the kids, we were off and trick or treating with a neighbor, and totally forgot to grab it. So...picture in your head if you will, Madelyn as a cute little, fluffy bunny with a pink bushy tail and pink ears and pink paws (only this bunny had an attitude toward the end of the night). She ended up being a scary bunny instead. Elijah was Buzz Lightyear and he was sure that he let everyone know, "I'm Buzz Wightyear," he did a great job all night, until mom realized why, he was eating candy secretively, so he was wired. On our way home Madelyn fell asleep, while Eli was wide awake from a sugar high. It was as if he was addicted, because when I took the bucket away he SCREAMED so loud you would have thought I just took his blankey away. All in all it was a good night, Ryan knows a lot of people through his work, so we had a lot of people to visit, glad it is over. Now I just need to stay away from the candy.

Got little sleep last night due to the candyholic getting up 4 times. Usually Elijah is the best sleeper, all I need to do is put him in his bed and he falls asleep, he did this last night, but he had too much to drink with his candy, so he needed to go to the bathroom, and of course dad can't help him, because he is mamma's little boy, ugh. Sometimes it is nice, others, not so much.

I made 24 pony o's and 6 korker bows for Sioux Falls Christian school today, and am sick of seeing ribbon and the sewing machine. Madelyn thinks that she needs to help all the time, but a lot of the time it just makes things take longer. Oh...and while I was doing this, Ryan decided he needed to go golfing, again (he just went yesterday, when is it my turn for a break!!??) with his dr. friend, he is lucky both of the kids stayed sleeping.

Anyway, I am tired of getting Elijah out of the tub, because he thinks he has to go to the bathroom, so I am just going to get him out and leave him out. Time to get the kids to bed, too bad daylight saving time won't help me. Goodnight.

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